I want to offer the very best products and services. Several years back I owned a drywall company and I put out high quality work. Anyone who worked for me was required to hold to my standards as well. I was involved in drywall work for over 3 decades until I retired. Now I enjoy working online and showing people the best products I use myself.

I’ve been involved in business for many years, sometimes full time, sometimes part time and want to bring some of the best information I know of to the online community.

I’ve been a web developer since 1996 and shortly after started the first social media site for Sabbath keepers and began hosting websites for ministries. I decided to share some things people are interested in. This site is new and growing so come back often to see what is happening.

My top priority is to bring you the best information I have to help make your life better. One of those ways is to bring valuable content that is useful to you. I am in the process of revising and redeveloping the site and I plan to have more here in the future.